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Wanda Group wins Meiling plot in Hefei

Jul 02,2009

Wanda Group wins Meiling plot in Hefei

Wanda Plaza Hefei (effect drawing, for reference only)

Wanda Group wins Meiling plot in Hefei

Facts about the Lot

On the afternoon of June 11, Hefei’s 10th Land Auction this year was held in the auction hall of the land market, which attracted over 40 local media institutions including television, newspapers, networks and magazines. Dalian Wanda Commercial Property Co., Ltd. won the Meiling lot at a price of 1,022 million yuan. Located close to the intersection of Wuhu Road and Ma’anshan Road and with the Baogong Park in its west, this downtown lot enjoys exclusive park and water sceneries. Wanda Group will invest about 4 billion yuan in the project. Built on the 166.17-mu lot, the project will have a total gross floor space of about 700,000 square meters, of which 320,000 square meters will be commercial, office and hotel buildings. In particular, Wanda will build the first six-star hotel in Hefei. After completion, the project will become a high-end commercial real estate project and a landmark structure in Hefei and even in the whole of Anhui Province. Besides, it will offer lots of jobs and generate handsome tax revenue for the government.

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