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1Q sales of Wanda Commercial Properties exceeded RMB 15 billion

Apr 29,2010

In 1Q10, Wanda Commercial Properties Co., Ltd. achieved historic progress in property sales. According to statistics, 1Q property contract sales GFA was about 1.37 million sq m, amounting to about RMB 15.2 billion and equivalent to 50% of 2009's full-year contract sales, thus setting the Company's best sales record so far. Moreover, the sales value was achieved given the situation that a large number of commercial properties of the Company were rented out instead of being sold. As the leading enterprise in China's commercial property industry, in 2010, the Company is expected to open 15 more Wanda Plazas and 7 more five-star or six-star hotels, with its GFA of Investment property increasing by more than 3 million sq m.

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