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Grand opening of Huai’an Wanda Plaza

Feb 07,2011


Grand opening of Huai’an Wanda Plaza

By Wang Jianlin, chairman of Wanda Group, giving a speech at the opening ceremony. 

Grand opening of Huai’an Wanda Plaza

Gao Xuekun, mayor of Huai’an, giving a speech at the opening ceremony.

Grand opening of Huai’an Wanda Plaza

Ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the opening of Huai’an Wanda Plaza.

Grand opening of Huai’an Wanda Plaza

Dalian Wanda donating 500,000 yuan to the Qinghe District charity federation in Huai’an Municipality.

 The Wanda Plaza located at the core of the central business district (CBD) at a water crossing in the Qinghe district in Huai’an municipality had a highly anticipated grand opening on 7 January. This is the first Wanda Plaza opened by Dalian Wanda in 2011,and it is also the first Wanda Plaza to open in the region spanning from Huai’an to the whole of northern Jiangsu. 

Leaders from Huai’an and Qinghe attended the opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony and speeches were given by Gao Xuekun, mayor of Huai’an, Wang Haiping, head of Qinghe, and Wang Jianlin, chairman of Dalian Wanda. Eminent figures and mainstream media gathered at Huai’an Wanda Plaza to witness the great opening of the first mammoth high-end commercial real estate in Huai’an. Dalian Wanda donated 500,000 yuan at the opening ceremony to the Qinghe charity federation in Huai’an for the benefit of needy students.

Huai’an Wanda Plaza is a key project in the municipality to attract merchants and investments. Its total construction area is 780,000 square meters and it consists of high-end residential spaces, international apartments, commercial pedestrian streets, large shopping malls, star hotels, offices, etc. Using Wanda’s mature format of “made-to-order commercial real estate”, it has ten anchor tenants, namely Van’s Department Store, Wanda Cinemas, Gome, Tesco supermarket, Big Gamer, Superstar KTV, Zara, Cheer Children’s Kingdom, Zui San Xian and Kingsport fitness club. More than a hundred brands join forces to make Huai’an Wanda Plaza the biggest and most exclusive commercial center in Huai’an.

Huai’an Wanda Plaza covers everything ranging from food and beverage, living, accommodation, fashion, entertainment and shopping, to various commercial purposes such as office space. One can satisfy a myriad of needs here, be it fine department stores, fashion apparel, branded appliances, movies, KTV or Chinese and foreign cuisines. The all-encompassing and three-dimensional shopping options offered at Huai’an Wanda Plaza keep up with the times and satisfy the wide and diversified needs of consumers from different walks of life in the city for commercial facilities and services to the greatest extent possible. It also achieves high enterprise efficiency and social benefits at the same time as it can create close to ten thousand stable employment opportunities for Huai’an and generate up to 100 million yuan in tax revenue annually for the municipality.

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