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Grand foundation laying ceremony of Wenzhou Longwan Wanda Plaza

Apr 14,2011

Grand foundation laying ceremony of Wenzhou Longwan Wanda Plaza


The first project in Wenzhou developed by Wenzhou Longwan Wanda Plaza Investment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Dalian Wanda, Wenzhou Longwan Wanda Plaza, held a grand opening ceremony of construction in the morning of 28 March. This is the largest urban complex being built in Wenzhou City to date.Member of the CPPCC, Vice-Chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and Chairman of Dalian Wanda Group, Wang Jianlin, Deputy Governor of Zhejiang Province and Secretary of the Municipal Committee of Wenzhou, Chen Derong, Director of the Wenzhou Standing Committee of NPC, Chen Xiaohua, and Chairman of the Wenzhou CPPCC, Bao Zhedong, attended the opening ceremony.

Wenzhou Longwan Wanda Plaza is located in the central Longwan District of Wenzhou City, and is one of the Regional Committee Government’s 2011“Double Ten Projects". The project extends to Longhai Road to the east, Longyang Road to the west, Yongding Road to the south, and Yongqiang Road to the north. The total project area is 112,000m2, with total construction area of 386,000m2, of which over 270,000m2 is for commercial use. Total investment amounts to about RMB3 billion. The whole project comprises a commercial pedestrian's mall, a large shopping center, a cinema, KTV, a supermarket, a business hotel, and offices, etc. It is an urban complex providing multiple functions of shopping, catering, culture, entertainment, business, and leisure. It will satisfy everyone’s needs in daily living from clothing, food, accommodation, and transport, and provides a one-stop-shop for shopping as well as raising Longwan’s business status. Wenzhou Longwan Wanda Plaza not only fills in the gap for large-scale urban complexes in the Longwan District, but also brings about the upgrade of the city’s commerce and raises the image of the whole city.

After Wenzhou Longwan Wanda Plaza opens for business, it will create sustained and stable taxation income for local finances and many employment opportunities, as well as improve the facilities of the city. It will become a new commercial, office, and cultural and leisure center of Wenzhou.

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