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Wanda Launches “Luxury Residential Property Service System”

Nov 23,2011

Wanda Launches “Luxury Residential Property Service System”

On November 20, the inauguration ceremony of Wanda Group’s luxury property service, 2011 “Respectful and Sincere Mansion Living” was held in Dalian. Wanda Group announced a brand new standard for Wanda luxury property services – the Wanda Luxury Property Services System. The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development as well as world-class luxury residential property management experts attended this activity. The launch of the Wanda Luxury Property Services System has helped Wanda create a luxury property management model with unique characteristics, signalling that Wanda’s luxury property management standards are the first to achieve international premier rankings.

Wanda has drawn on the essence of luxury property management services both domestically and overseas, as well as used domestic and overseas world-class luxury property management ideas and experience as reference, and combining them with Wanda’s luxury property product characteristics and owners' demand to create a leading domestic Wanda Luxury Property Services System based on the idea of “respect and sincerity, with meticulous care”.

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