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Splendid Fireworks Displayed at Wuhan Wanda Centre

Dec 31,2011

On Dec.31, “Wuhan Wanda 2011 New Year’s Eve Fireworks Show” was unveiled at Wuhan Wanda Centre on the riverside in Wuchang District. Over a million Wuhan citizens witnessed the spectacular fireworks show, turning Wuhan into a landmark site in China in embracing a brand new 2012.

“Wuhan Wanda 2011 New Year’s Eve Fireworks Show” was organized by the People's Government of Wuchang District with a RMB 3 million sponsorship from Wanda Group. Lighting and fireworks performance which lasted for 20 minutes were divided into 3 chapters including “Joyful New Year Celebration”, “Beautiful Scrolls of Painting” and “Cheerful Carol in the Riverside City”. The remarkable performance with distinct Wuhan features bestowed on the citizens a magnificent visual feast.

“Wuhan Wanda 2011 New Year’s Eve Fireworks Show” hit a world record in programming, show timing and technology. Firstly, it was the first time in the world that a built-in device in super high-rise building was used to set off fireworks. Secondly, the fireworks display was a pioneering attempt in 3D fireworks show as it was accompanied by LED lighting and background music. Thirdly, the lighting and fireworks performance lasted for 20 minutes. Fireworks were both shot from the ground and inside the complex. Over 100,000 fireworks were displayed, surpassing the fireworks display at the Taipei 101 and Dubai Tower and other famous skyscrapers. Fourthly, the fireworks display adopted the technology used at the Olympic Games in creating the special effects in the air. The fireworks show culminated in the giant “2012” graphic produced by the chamber pressure transmission technology, and ushered in the brand new 2012.

Wuhan is the central city in the middle of China. It is committed to becoming the national central city. Upbeat about the development outlook in Wuhan, Wanda Group has always regarded Wuhan as a strategic investment site. Wanda Group invested more in Wuhan than in any other cities in terms of total investment and single project investment quota. Wuhan Jianghanlu Wanda Plaza, Wuhan Lingjiaohu Wanda Plaza, Wuhan EDZ Wanda Plaza, Wuhan Jiyuqiao Wanda Centre and Wuhan Central Cultural District were built by Wanda Group one after another. The total investment reached RMB 80 billion. Each project met the target of being rapid and sound.

In order to express its gratitude for all sectors in Wuhan and to add a city highlight in Wuhan, Wanda, when designing the super high-rise building in Wuhan Wanda Centre, won a bid for the fireworks crew of Beijing Olympic Games who built the firework set-up structure and designed the firework performances. On the doorstep of 2012, Wanda finally showcased the marvelous New Year gift for Wuhan.

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