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Sales of Jiangqiao Wanda Plaza in 2010 hits historical high addtime:2011-02-07 author:

Feb 07,2012

News of triumph once again as Jiangqiao Wanda emerges as top seller in Shanghai.

In just five years, Dalian Wanda has accomplished a comprehensive layout of urban complexes in Shanghai that covers the eastern, southern, western and northern parts of the city with Wujiaochang Wanda Plaza, Zhoupu Wanda Plaza and Jiangqiao Wanda Plaza, as well as the Baoshan Wanda Plaza that is under construction. While building one urban center after another, its Shanghai company also set a historical high and came out tops in three categories in 2010 – Dalian Wanda achieved a new historical record for annual sales amount for a single project and it had the highest sales amount, area of floor space sold and number of units sold for a single project in Shanghai in 2010.

In 2010, the real estate market in China encountered the strictest control policies and the real estate market in Shanghai had its ups and downs. Under the guidance from the Group and concerted effort in the company, the team in Shanghai overcame the obstacles and paced itself as it adopted a multi-prong approach and maintained high sales. It effectively carried out cross-promotion and synchronized sales for a variety of products. Jiangqiao Wanda Plaza sold five types of products that year, namely roughcast dwelling, deluxe dwelling, commercial premises at lower levels of residential buildings, SOHOs and outdoor pedestrian streets, with a total of 11 launches and the team emerged champion in various categories in 2010 in Shanghai including sales amount and area of floor space sold and number of units sold for a single project. In terms of SOHOs and stores, it was once again ranked at the top for sales amount and area of floor space sold and number of units sold for business office sales in Shanghai, emulating the success of Zhoupu Wanda Plaza in 2009. This further consolidates Dalian Wanda’s position in the Shanghai market.

Jiangqiao Wanda Plaza has garnered much attention in the market since its launch in the second half of 2009. Accompanied by the construction of a world-class transportation hub and core business district in Hongqiao, Shanghai, it is likely to be the first urban commercial center to be completed in the greater Hongqiao district and open a new page in commercial development in western Shanghai with its opening in June 2011.

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