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Chairman Wang Attends Press Meeting

Mar 08,2012


Chairman Wang Attends Press Meeting

Chairman Wang answered questions from CCTV

Chairman Wang Attends Press Meeting

A CCTV reporter asked Chairman Wang questions

Chairman Wang attended a press conference held by CPPCC and answered questions on March 8. When answering questions raised by a CCTV reporter, Chairman Wang stressed that private enterprises have advantages in developing cultural industries. Firstly, they are innovative and are willing to make breakthroughs. Secondly, their mechanisms are more flexible than state-owned enterprises.

A reporter from Hong Kong-based Ta Kung Pao asked Chairman Wang how to tackle the prevalent problem of historical relics being destroyed and fake ones being produced. Chairman Wang said that there is a consensus that relics are to be protected and fake ones should not come into existence.

On the views on money, Chairman Wang said that China today has too little money rather than too much money. Therefore Chinese people should seek greater wealth. He believed that everyone should be wealthy and wealth is a good thing. However, wealth must be obtained by proper means and one needs to have the right views on money.

(Editor: Guan Xiaofeng)


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