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Wanda Cinema Line Sets Record in April

May 10,2012

The Wanda Cinema Line ranks No.1 in movie ticket sales across the country in April, according to statistics released by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television.

This is the highest monthly box-office revenue for the Wanda Cinema Line. Wanda’s multiplex cinemas also achieved unprecedented success in April.

Among the nation's top 5 cinemas with highest ticket revenue, 4 belong to Wanda. They are Shanghai Wanda Cinema (Wujiaochang), Guangzhou Wanda Cinema, Beijing Wanda Cinema (CBD) and Harbin Wanda Cinema (Central Street). Shanghai Wanda Cinema (Wujiaochang) won the national box-office income champion.

On the list of the nation’s 100 cinemas with highest ticket sales, 40 belong to the Wanda Cinema Line, making some insiders say April a "Special Month for Wanda.”

(Editor: Guan Xiaofeng)

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