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Fuyang Yingzhou Wanda Plaza opens, draws 300,000 customers on 1st day

Aug 31,2015

Fuyang Yingzhou Wanda Plaza opens, draws 300,000 customers on 1st day

Fuyang Yingzhou Wanda Plaza and Wanda Realm Hotel held a grand opening ceremony on August 29. 300,000 customers spent more than RMB 32 million on the first day, setting a landmark record in the commercial history of Fuyang.

Located in the intersection between Huaihe Road and South Yingzhou Road, Fuyang Yingzhou Wanda Plaza is an international urban complex offering leisure and entertainment experience as well as shopping and catering services. The RMB 7 billion project was confirmed to be built in Fuyang on August 24, 2013, and construction began on October 18, 2013. The project, encompassing shopping mall, commercial pedestrian street, star-rated hotel, SOHO flats and high-end real estates, is Fuyang’s first veritable urban commercial complex.

As the sole large commercial complex in the Nanxin District, the Wanda Plaza has closed the chapter of the longstanding absence of a large, one-stop shopping and entertainment venue in the region and will certainly become the first choice for millions of locals pursuing the best shopping, leisure and entertainment experience. A new commercial landscape centered on Wanda Plaza has basically taken shape in Fuyang, and the city is embracing the “Wanda era”.

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